Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Bella-isms 2011

Your speech is coming on so fast, my darling, that it's hard for daddy and me to keep up with you. I assume that it's in part down to you having a big sister who talks all the time, but the rest is all you. You say thank you for anything that is done for you, which is so wonderful. And you can sing along to everything that you hear. You even sing your teddies to sleep. But when you can't find the word, or you are frustrated, you scream. You scream long and loud and it's deeply unpleasant. I'll be glad when that particular phase is over, that's for sure. These are just some of the things I didn't want to forget.

Mamma hope (open it)
Rolly-rolly (ball, forward roll or rolling out playdough)
I do it
Thank you much
Mamma next to you (sit on Mamma’s lap)
Winkle dar (twinkle star)
Dop!!!!! (stop it)
Bit-dit (biscuit)
What dat?
What you doin’?
Miaow-miaow (cat)
Waddle-waddle (penguin)

Undoubtedly there are dozens I've forgotten.

I love you, precious girl,

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